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~ The Shop Superintendent's Office and Lube House ~

A super-realistic injection molded brick structure to enhance any scene!


Just about every railroad in this country had a structure of this sort someplace on their property in which to store flammables, like "Valve Oil" and "Headlight Oil" and their "cotton waste" oily rags and such. That stuff was just that FLAMMABLE, and if they didn't want the rest of their operations to go up in smoke, they did well to isolate the sort of thing that hot cinders could ignite.

And so, to our way of thinking, this particular structure, with it's iron shutters replete with rivets and hinges, was just too cool to pass up. So when my wife and I had the chance to spend a really fun week in Chama 'late September of 2001, ( After the National Narrow Gauge Convention.), we set out to do some drawings of the structures in Chama's yards, including a set of its prominent "Lube House" while we were at it. Of course, one thing led to another, so nothing would do but to draw the thing in its entirety brick-for-brick / rivet-for-rivet / bolt-for-bolt, right? And so we ended up with a set of CAD drawings of the Lube House like no others! You wouldn't expect less of us, now would you? The result is the model you see in these photos. All made in hard tooling!

Everything in this kit is molded in high impact styrene from tooling we cut here in Ukiah California USA ourselves. The bricks themselves are works of art, having virtually SQUARE CORNERS... And they're laid out like the prototype with every 6th course (or row) being a 'header course' The kit even includes scale "Mortar" so you can "strike the joints"!


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